Fort McMurray is the heart of oil production in Canada

A video note from our founder

About Us

LIAM is an astute investor, proud builder, and passionate creator of outstanding, legacy-inspired projects. We have a distinguished history in Fort McMurray, Alberta and are an intrinsic part of the community. We stand by our reputation for quality and value with an uncompromising commitment to service. All of our leaders have a support network of superintendents, controllers, interior designers, suppliers and consultants to ensure we get the job done and done right!

Vision & Values


LIAM has always aspired to be a recognized leader in Fort McMurray and provide a benchmark against which our competitors are measured. Committed to building, selling and leasing safe & secure infrastructure, LIAM strives to provide the highest dedication to its customers and community with a critical eye towards service, quality and safety. LIAM is persistent in changing with the times by evaluating advancing technology, industry changes and the varying needs of our clientele as Fort McMurray evolves. We consistently deliver superior customer satisfaction, and are committed to a safe and rewarding work environment where we take a proactive approach to getting things done which is essential to long-term success for our owners, partners and employees. We will continuously diversify our skill set to distinguish us from our competition and foster loyal customers as we build and develop to improve the quality of life and work in Fort McMurray.

History in YMM


LIAM Construction was launched in 1979 by Bill de Silva from a warehouse in downtown Fort McMurray with only a single, leased blue GM half ton truck. Suncor & Syncrude were the only oil plants, telegrams were sent from the Railway Station in Waterways and there was no fax service, email, radios or cell phones. A barrel of oil was hovering in the low $20’s and the average price of homes was around the $70,000 mark. LIAM’s first contract was to refurbish the old Alberta Treasury Branch for just $56,000. Today, with an experienced work force and loyal sub-contractors, LIAM has built this city!